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The world in the heart of Riyadh

The world in the heart of Riyadh

Creating and securing an enabling environment mainly contributes to strengthening the three pillars around which the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is centered, a vibrant society, a prosperous economy and an ambitious nation. The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has paid attention to this aspect by developing programs to achieve the vision, including various sectors, seeking to enhance economic capabilities. And financial sustainability, invested in developing and empowering human capabilities, by creating channels of communication and building bridges of cooperation with the world, in order to achieve knowledge integration, adopt innovations, and contribute to innovation and development.

The technical sector witnessed a share of this interest, and is still witnessing more enabling decisions and global initiatives, which had the greatest impact on the prosperity of the digital economy and the huge increase in investment, as a result of the interaction between investors, entrepreneurs, and owners of innovative ideas and projects, during the global technical conferences organized by the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia, the most prominent of which is the International Technical Conference LEAP, which is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity and Drones, which witnessed more than 100,000 thousand visitors.

From all over the world in its first edition in 2022, as it returns this year in its second edition, opening its doors to the world, hosting in the heart of the capital, Riyadh, experts, speakers, investors, and everyone interested in keeping pace with technical development, as this conference in particular plays an important role in several aspects, including:

  1. Keeping pace with technical development and promoting innovation:

In light of the technical acceleration and rapid digital transformation that the world is witnessing today, which many find a major obstacle to its development, the LEAP conference comes in response to the increasing need to keep pace with this development, as there are leading companies in various technical fields, specifically those that play a major role in the digital transformation process. Among them is Wadi Taibah Company, whose activities focus on the areas of emerging technologies, and its role is to participate in the LEAP conference to promote technical innovation and societal contribution in bridging the visitor’s knowledge gap, and to display innovative products that were developed locally, to provide an opportunity to live inspiring experiences and achieve the desired impact .

  1. Creating a stimulating investment environment:

Today, investors find in technical projects, specifically those that have been developed using modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchains, and others, a source of investment, and despite this, they face a great challenge in accessing them, and communicating with the founders and partners, and for this reason, the LEAP conference today targets entrepreneurs And innovators to give them the opportunity to present and talk about their projects, and to enable local and foreign investors to explore investment opportunities in these projects, in an effort to create a qualitative, supportive and stimulating investment environment.

  1. Investment policies and government legislation:

As an extension of creating an integrated investment environment and stimulating investment, the legislative and regulatory authorities are present at the LEAP conference to hold workshops and organize open discussions, to talk about investment policies and legislative updates, and to provide services and facilities to both the investor and the owner of the project, to facilitate the establishment of partnerships and investment agreements.

  1. Sustainable impact and strengthening relationships:

The impact left by such conferences is a lasting and sustainable one, as a result of their contribution to building networks of professional relationships, establishing strategic partnerships, investment agreements, and expanding the circle of knowledge in various fields and experiences. It meets the visitor’s need, for a fruitful and inspiring experience, whose impact extends throughout his professional and practical career.

The role of technical conferences, specifically the LEAP conference, is not limited to what has been referred to, but rather its role extends to other dimensions, all of which are in the interest of the technical system and the business system, as effective communication between both systems contributes to narrowing the gap created by the rapid technical development during the past few years. , in order to achieve compatibility and harmony between the activities of the two systems, and to enhance the necessary integration, which would raise the level of quality of technical products and accelerate business flow.

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