Taibah Valley

Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab

A specialized R&D lab presenting innovative AI products and services, in several areas of digital transformation. It aims to develop smart economical applications using cutting-edge AI technology to attract new commercialization opportunities and promising, investment projects.

AI Consulting

we provide customized consultations to enable entrepreneurs, startups, organizations, and related parties to employ AI applications and apply its solutions in various sectors and fields such as in health care, agricultural technologies, business intelligence, logistics Services, and smart cities.

AI Training

Design and build courses and programs specializing in AI, technology, and applications.
Training and qualifying staff to meet the renewed needs and empowering them in the field of AI.
Research and development services
Conducting specialized studies and research in the field of data analysis and processing, in addition to creating and developing solutions based on AI techniques and developing prototypes (Poc, MVP) for them.

BI solutions in the Academic sector

Design and build BI solutions for relevant parties by collecting, analyzing, and displaying data. To improve and support decision-making and determine the future directions of the organization.

BOT solution

Comprehensive solutions to automate customer communication services by building and designing an interactive speak robot based on AI techniques to improve and support the communication process in organizations and relevant authorities.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Provide solutions and develop applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS)as an Amazon Certified Partner. AWS offers a wide range of solutions to elevate applications to the cloud from data migration and storage, big data analytics, BI and other services in the industry.


Early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy

for healthcare sector joint work with KKESH.

NLP based Chatbot

for Customer Service Sector.


A decision system to support decision-making for Education sector.