A specialized R&D lab presenting innovative AI products and services, in several areas of digital transformation. It aims to develop smart economical applications using cutting-edge AI technology to attract new commercialization opportunities and promising, investment projects.


“Pioneers of AI knowledge-based investment


Supporting and accelerating the activation of artificial intelligence techniques locally and globally by building national capacities with a high degree of engineering and scientific competence, while finding the best ways to integrate with emerging technologies and ways to invest in.


  • Innovating solutions to automate decision-making and increase productivity in many areas using artificial intelligence technology.
  • Spreading awareness about technology by organizing conferences, workshops, and competitions.
  • Localizing emerging technologies in line with the Kingdom’s Vision of 2030.
  • Supporting startups and entrepreneurs scientifically and technically to develop artificial intelligence projects.


  • Developing blockchain solutions according to customers categories and needs.
  • Developing prototypes for integrated projects that support artificial intelligence and simulating them in the laboratory.
  • Spreading awareness and training in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Establishing and operating innovation laboratories in artificial intelligence.
  • Conducting cutting-edge AI research to develop intelligent applications.
  • Artificial intelligence consulting services (scientific and technical)
  • Helping entrepreneurs discover promising investment opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence


Crowd management and positioning

A decision system

NLP based Chatbot

smart attendance system

Early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy in cooperation