Taibah Valley

AR &VR lab

Lab specializes in providing products, innovative services and consulting using virtual reality and augmented reality technology

AR & VR Consulting

Enable our entrepreneurs and startups to use VR and AR technologies in their business by providing customized advice on how to employ technology in various fields such as medicine, healthcare, education, real estate, tourism, and archeology.
We provide customized consultations in building extended reality applications and 3D object design systems.
We provide customized consultations in game design and development.

AR & VR Training

Design and build training courses and programs specialized in extended reality technologies, game build and development and 3D modeling.
Prepare and qualify staff and leaders in the fields of extended reality and games.

Game development and design

3D game development.
Design games elements: story, characters, levels.

Build and design 3D models

Design and implementation of reality simulation models.
Design and implementation of creative models.



for Tourism and Antiquities sector

Art Gallery

for Tourism sector

Virtual Training

for Tourism sector