We work passionately to spread community awareness of the blockchain technology and its effective role in supporting startups and entrepreneurship and facilitating services for employers and customers.​

Blockchain lab

A technical lab specialized in developing products and services utilizing the blockchain technology according to the needs and requirements of customers. As well as providing consultancy and training services in the areas of using this technology to support the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia. 


Innovation pioneers in blockchain-based knowledge investment.


Spreading awareness about blockchain technology by providing technical consultancy to companies and entrepreneurs besides developing projects and prototypes.


  • Develop promising and rewarding projects that enable customers to adopt products and services of the company.
  • Support startups and entrepreneurs in building and implementing their projects with the help and guidance of the blockchain team.
  • Raising awareness of blockchain technology and its scientific applications.
  • Localizing modern technologies in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.
  • Achieving integration between different modern technologies.


  • Consultation and training.
  • Developing blockchain solutions according to customers categories and needs.
  • Developing smart contracts.
  • Technical support and integration of decentralized applications.
  • Contributing to blockchain networks and blocks adding.


certificates documentation

Supply chain regulation and tracking (Athar)

Donations platform (Donachain)

Blockchain staking and cryptocurrency services (Nisbah)

Regulations of consumer microfinance operations (Lafeef)