Taibah Valley

Blockchain lab

Technical lab specialized in developing products and services utilizing Blockchain technology according to the needs and requirements of customers. It provides consultation cand training services in the areas of using this technology to support the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia.

Blockchain Consulting

We provide customized consultations to assist our entrepreneurial and startup clients by providing solutions and strategies for blockchain technology use and how to integrate it with old systems in various sectors such as the logistics sector, the educational sector, the real estate sector, and the health sector. We also provide customized consultations in activating and managing Blockchain networks contracts.

Blockchain maturity model
Conducting studies and tests that measure the maturity of adopting technical solutions in blockchain and their potential expansion using global standards compatible with current systems.
Building blockchain structuring strategies
Building use cases according to the Oxford criteria that are concerned with technical situation analysis, legislative regulation analysis, and demonstration of their feasibility studies.
Blockchain Training
Design and build customized courses and programs for executives in blockchain technologies.
Training and qualifying staff to meet the renewed needs and empowering them in the field of Blockchain.

Build and Develop Blockchain Models

Develop projects in blockchain technology according to customers' needs and categories.
Smart contract development.
Technical support and integration of decentralized applications.
Contribute to blockchain networks and add blocks.

Research and development services

Conduct studies and research to develop blockchain products and how to integrate them with other emerging technologies through prototypes (MVP, POC).



for Fintech Sector

Certificates documentation

for Education Sector

for Fintech Sector

Regulations of consumer microfinance operations (Lafeef)

Supply chain (Athar)

for Smart Logistics sector