Dr. Abdulrahman bin Ali Al-Olayan

chief executive officer

Taibah Vally Company was established as an investment company to be an active and influential partner in the process of digital transformation through investment in the fields of information technology, health, education and training and focus on the field of investment in modern technologies that includes Blockchain technology, internet of things and artificial intelligence.
Taibah Valley Company aims at developing investments in desired areas and building mutual trust with investors that contributes in exploring high return and low risk investment opportunities.

The company’s vision, mission and objectives were formulated to enable the company to achieve excellence in the localization of investment and technology by providing an attractive environment, stimulating innovations and encouraging venture capitalists to fund innovative projects, develop effective and sustainable investment opportunities and employ competitive advantages to enhance interests and support the national economy.

As a way of converting the company`s ambition in investment field, the company seeks to build investment partnerships and strategic relationships with distinguished stakeholders, sectors and transformational industries through an attractive and stimulating environment, flexible working methods and advanced technical systems.
We also hope to conduct a number of experiments to innovate and design valued products that match our customers` needs and enable partners and entrepreneurs to benefit from these experiences.
Vision, mission and strategic goals.