A specialized technical and R&Ds lab introducing innovative technical products and services, in several areas of digital transformation. It also aims to improve smart economical applications using IOT technology to attract new opportunities and promising investment projects.

1) Internalization of new technologies to enhance digital solutions.
2) Developing IoT prototypes based on creative and innovative ideas.
3) Integrating IoT with world-leading technologies to deliver next-generation, smart services and solutions.
4) Supporting startups and entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize transformative IoT projects.
5) Spreading awareness and training in IoT areas.

1) Establishing and operating world-class IoT labs.
2) Providing technical and technological support for the integration of new technologies.
3) Testing prototypes and simulating them in IoT lab.
4) Introducing technical workshops and sessions on cutting-edge IoT area.
5) Conducting studies and researches to improve technical, innovative IoT products.
6) Developing smart IoT application solutions based on clients’ needs in following sectors of national importance