A specialized R&D lab presenting innovative AI products and services, in several areas of digital transformation. It aims to develop smart economical applications using cutting-edge AI technology to attract new commercialization opportunities and promising, investment projects.

    * Carry out world-leading research, innovation and commercialization of AI-enabled smart applications and services, aligned with the national transformation plan

    * Work with Taibah Valley’s Innovation Hub to set up a Madinah Innovation Park, where researchers and industry from around the world can gather to design, develop, deploy and demonstrate a range of AI, 5G, IOT, Blockchain, AR/VR and Cybersecurity technologies and smart city services.

    * Organize outcome-oriented, world-leading national and international Conferences, Workshops and Hackathons, focussed on Hajj, Umrah, and Smart City Challenges.

    * Set up an open and secure, AI-driven Smart Haramein (Holy Mosques) Corridor/Network linking Makkah and Madinah Haramein, with Universities, industry and Government entities

    * Work collaboratively across our IOT, AR/VR and Blockchain Labs, to address challenges and features of, future secure and smart services.

    * Analyze state-of-the-art AI-enabled 5G-IOT solutions, envision the future beyond 5G, and identify fascinating open research and innovation challenges ahead for 6G-IOT-AI – spanning components, algorithms and network design to smart services.

    * Establishing and operating world-class, secure and explainable AI-driven research and innovation labs.

    * R&D and technical support to integrate smart products with 5G, blockchain, AI and IOT technologies.

    * Testing prototypes of integrated, 5G-IOT, Blockchain and AI-enabled projects and simulating them in labs.

    * Introducing awareness campaigns, holding conferences, technical sessions, and training workshops on cutting-edge R&D challenges and commercialization opportunities.

    * Conducting surveys, studies and scientific research for improving technical, innovative products.

    * Identifying AI-driven business opportunities and supporting start-up companies, both scientifically and technically.

    * Developing smart AI-enabled application solutions based on clients’ needs in the following priority sectors of national importance: Smart Cities, Renewable and Electrical power, Retail, Agriculture, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Transportation, Security and Education.

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