Taibah Valley

Internet Of Things lab

Specialized technical and R&Ds lab introducing innovative technical products and services in several areas of digital transformation. It also aims to improve smart economic applications using IoT technology to attract new opportunities and promising investment projects.

IoT Consulting

We provide customized consultancy that enables entrepreneurs, startups, organizations, and related parties to effectively benefit from solutions and IoT technology and explore related solutions in various fields. We offer complex business solutions using IoT technology in smart cities, smart agriculture, asset management, and logistics Services.

IoT Training

Training and qualifying staff to meet the renewed needs and empowering them in the field of IoT.
Design and build training courses and specialized programs in IoT systems and solutions in various fields.

Research and development services

According to customer needs, business solutions are developed and implemented using IoT technologies and conducting studies and research from the idea to building a scalable prototype (Poc, MVP) to implement innovative economic projects.

RFID-based asset management systems solution

An integrated platform to track, monitor, and evaluate asset status, prepare reports and send notifications, monitor and understand many aspects such as use status, prevent potential theft and track valuable assets.



for Agriculture sector

Asset and warehouse management

for Smart Logistics sector