Vision, mission and strategic goals

Pioneers of knowledge-based investment

Developing effective and sustainable investment opportunities and employing competitive advantages to enhance shareholders’ interests and support the national economy

  • Participatory We encourage diversity of ideas and opinions, and develop partnerships that bring mutual benefits to all..
  • Commitment We keep our promises to all stakeholders at the highest levels of performance and continuous improvement.
  • InnovationWe work on continuous and systematic innovation by taking advantage of stakeholder creations.
  • ExcellenceWe take the initiative to exceed expectations, we care about what we do for the highest quality and value.
  • Sustainability We strive to achieve outstanding and sustainable results that meet and exceed the needs of stakeholders in the short and long term.
  • Maximizing returns for investors and shareholders.
  • Building an internal working environment that stimulates and sustains outstanding competencies.
  • Raising the loyalty level of the company’s clients.
  • Developing innovative products to meet changing market needs.
  • Raising the company’s performance efficiency and supporting its financial position.
  • Contributing in the localization of technology in a way that serves the national economy.